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Sic Bo


Sic Bo is a game of chance played with three dice which originated in China. Also known as dai siu, tai siu, hi-lo, or big and small, the name can be translated to ‘precious dice’. It was introduced into the United States by Chinese Immigrants in the early 1900s, before spreading across the continent and into Europe.

Unlike craps, its closest comparison, Sic Bo relies entirely on luck. You do not have to worry about dice roll setups to win bets as in craps. Players lay a bet, then the dealer rolls to see if they win or not. The fast-paced simplicity is partly why Sic Bo has become huge across the world.

How to play Sic Bo

Similar to roulette, Sic Bo offers a range of different betting options. All you need to do is pick the bet you like the look of, then the dealer rolls three dice. If your bet is a success, you win! It is as easy as that. Where it might be a little more complicated is in the betting choices. However, take a look at the list below, and you will be a master of Sic Bo in no time.

  • Big – the dice add up to 11-17 (inclusive), not including three of a kind.
  • Small – the dice add up to 4-10 (inclusive), not including three of a kind.
  • Odd – the score is an odd number, not including three of a kind.
  • Even - the score is an even number, not including three of a kind.
  • Specific triples – a certain number appears on all three dice.
  • Specific doubles – a certain number appears on at least two dice.
  • Any triples – the dice all reveal any of the same number.
  • Three dice total – the dice display a specific total score.
  • Dice combinations – two of the dice land a certain combination of two numbers.
  • Single Dice Bet – a certain number appears on 1, 2, or 3 of the dice.
  • Four number combo – three of four specific number combinations land.
  • Three single number combinations – the dice reveal a certain combination of three different numbers.
  • Double and single number combo – two dice show a certain double, and the third a certain single.

There are a lot of options; however, many players stick to the simple ones such as big or small, to keep things easy.

Sic Bo betting strategies

Sic Bo is purely a game of chance, so there is no way you can form a strategy to gain an edge. This randomness is one of the reasons why Sic Bo is so exciting since all you have to do is bet and play. The game is pacey, exciting, and you never know what will happen next.


At first glance, Sic Bo might appear a little complicated, but this is not the case. In fact, Sic Bo is a straightforward game to play and enjoy. Simply pick a bet, and if you are correct, you win. Some of the betting options can be a little intricate but are easy to understand after a few rolls. For a game that relies on luck rather than strategy, yet has a bit more depth in betting, Sic Bo is a thrilling choice.

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Sic Bo

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