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Dlv is a company that has been designing slots for the iGaming world for more than 25 years. The Latvian based studio was launched in 1994, and began life making land based gaming cabinets. Their popular slot machines can now be found right across the world. They have since gone digital and now produce a range of popular online slots, using a variety of themes. Dlv has developed a strong understanding of what gamblers want, and strive to provide them with highly entertaining games.

Dlv slot machines advantages

Dlv has been in the industry for more than two decades making them a well-established, trustworthy company. Their extensive experience means they know how to craft slots that are not only fun, but possess a ton of x-factor. Other advantages include:

  • Games are licensed and regulated by the prestigious Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Dlv slot machines use just about any theme you can imagine.
  • Dlv games boast features and potential to dazzle any online slots player.

The most popular Dlv slots

When it comes to online slots, you have to admit Dlv are masters of classic, fruit or Vegas-style games. However they are also heavily influenced by Asian themes, as well as many others. Take a tour through Dlv’s range by starting with these 10 great choices.

Play Dlv slots for real money

Dlv slots may be played for free or for real money. Freeplay is a great way to test new slots and learn all of the rules. Once you are comfortable, and wish to take the next step, then it makes sense to play the real money version. Of course not everyone can hit the jackpot every time so here are some tips to keep the gaming fun.

  • Keep an open mind, test drive at a leisurely pace, and you’ll find a hot new Dlv slot in no time.
  • Always stick to a realistic bankroll.
  • Gain an edge with a slots bonus – head over to our promo page to find out we have got!

When a company has been in business as long as Dlv has, they are clearly doing something right. That goes doubly so in the ultra-competitive iGaming market. As such, players can expect something special when they play a Dlv online slot which you can do right here at

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