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Win 100,000 Rupees every single month

2020-06-23 09:22

Each month at you have the chance to win a share of 100,000 Rupees. You won’t want to miss out on this offer! Entry is easy, and each month several lucky participants share in the huge prize fund.

  1. First place – 40 000₹
  2. Second place – 20 000₹
  3. Third place – 10 000₹

Take your friends, play more and you will have a big chance to win 100 000 rupees! You might think our super line up of games presents more than enough winning opportunities already. However, it’s all about having fun at, and no one is having more fun than when they win! Come and take a look at the rest of our stunning offers to go with the monthly ₹100K!

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